Monday, December 7, 2009

Community site down

At present, our chat community site is down. I have put the chat room on my personal site for now. Deni's Battlefield of the Mind chat is in about an hour.

Update at 8:45 pm: The site is back up. You can presently get to the chat room thru either our community site or my personal site.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

We're moving ....

We have a new site; you enter the chat room from there now, set up your own page, leave messages for others in the chat room, and all kinds of fun things. We have a lot to explore; come join us!

If you're registered for the chat room, the same username and password work for the chat room on the new site because it's the same room -- just the enter button moved.

The new site is See you there!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


*hangs head in shame* I profusely apologize for missing my chat last night. We had some problems with my son and trying to connect with his doctor. My son fell on Friday and landed with his foot at a 90 degree angle compared to his leg. He has possibly torn tendons. He'd been to the Dr. yesterday and given a new pain medicine which did not agree with him and I was on the phone trying to connect with his doctor during chat time. It took us an hour and a half to get to the doctor and I just plain forgot. I am SO sorry.

If you could pray for my son's healing - and for the wisdom about finding a new doctor. He refuses to go back to the one he'd been seeing as a result of last night's fiasco in getting a hold of the doctor and not being given a new pain med.


Thursday, July 9, 2009

Room software update!

Our chat room looks a bit different now as Parachat has updated the software for the room. The most obvious change is that the room/user list is on the right hand side instead of the left. The send box also goes across the entire bottom of the chat window. It may take a couple days before everyone sees the changes. Overall, the room works much the same.

The menus do have one useful addition. Under the "help" menu, you can now select "trouble shooting". This brings up a box that will let you test your connection to the room. Under the "ping" tab, click "start" at the bottom, and you should get something that looks like:

Round trip in seconds: 0.923. (#1 of 10)
Round trip in seconds: 0.878. (#2 of 10)
This indicates that you're still connected to the room. So, the next time the room seems slow, you can check and see if you're really still there or not. I'm assuming that if you get disconnected, the ping will be very slow and then give you an error message.

Enjoy & let me know if you have any questions!
- Liz

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Pray for Momof6

Momof6 is struggling with a lot of things and is having trouble getting good care because of insurance problems. I can't be more specific here, but please pray for her and her family during this difficult time. Also pray for her doctors and Momof6 for wisdom in the best way to help her thru this current crisis while at the same time keeping her ongoing illnesses under control.

Christian Glitter by

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Prayer Request

My oldest daughter's BIL is out of work since January and in serious need of a job, he also suffers from mental health issues. We are asking for prayer that he gets a job ASAP as he has serious debt problems now plus healing and softening of the heart towards his family. I also pray that angels whisper in his ear the healing power of our Lord and christians surround him and lead him to Jesus. Could you add his him to your prayer lists plz he has serious mental problems that is causing his mother a great deal of pain and agony and her health is really bad right now.

Monday, June 29, 2009


Very last minute post, but there WILL be a chat tonight! We will have off the cuff questions as I just found my book! We got home Saturday afternoon. Hope to see you all there!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Please pray for Dave

RRDave was just in the chat room. He's just back from the docs, still experiencing a lot of pain and the docs can't really help him. He's having a lot of muscle atrophy and tissue loss, especially in his arms and legs, to the point where he can no longer stand. The doctors are saying that this is not disease related (that it's not his lupus or RA). They suggested physical therapy but that doesn't seem realistic.

Please pray for him. Thanks!

- Liz

Sunday, June 21, 2009

mushie's sunday chat

As of July 12th I will be changing the time that I am able to be in the room. I am sorry for the time change but the saturday night church I attend is changing to sunday mornings. With going to both churches sunday morning, I will be able enter the room at about 3pm pacific time. This is not set in stone. I am up for suggestions and you can email me at


Clarification: The chat will continue to meet Sundays at noon pacific time thru July 5th.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Monday Nite Study

As I'm holed up in a hotel without access to my book - and will be here at least till Tuesday, I thought we could just have a chat hour about Hinds' Feet this week and then finish up next week. Maybe be thinking about what you have learned in general from the book so far? Sorry to disrupt our schedule so late but not sure what else to do here!


Friday, June 19, 2009

Standing will have surgery June 30

Please pray for Standing as she needs to have surgery on June 30. She will be in the hospital for 4-5 days and it will take about 6 weeks for her to recover.


Thursday, June 18, 2009

Two Prayer Requests

1. Since the flood of our yard and home, we found out our well is contaminated with bacteria, including e coli. Please pray we can get the well chlorinated and that no one has caught anything from the water. (We were told not to drink, cook with, or wash with the water.)

2. My brother-in-law was admitted to the hospital yesterday with head to toe body spasms so severe that he cannot move. Please pray they can find out the cause - so far all tests have been negative.

thank you guys for being there!


Wednesday, June 17, 2009

To My Fellow High Places Travelers

Lynn sent me this lovely picture which the title "Acceptance with Joy". This seems to be such a perfect picture of the lovely little flower M.A. (now G&G) finds on her path! Enjoy!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

prayer request plz

A dear friend of my oldest daughter is asking for world wide prayer for her Father. Mr. Fitzgerald has been diagnosed with cancer of the lymph nodes and heart problems, this is his second battle with cancer. His daughter lost her husband to cancer about a dozen yrs ago leaving behind a small child. Now they are facing the possible loss of father/grandfather much too soon.Please pray for a miraculous healing. Mr. Fitzgerald knows the Lord and we all cherish your prayers. Please if you are part of a prayer chain post the prayer for this family.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Transcript from June 8 chat

I just posted the transcript from last week's chat. Sorry I didn't get it posted sooner.

God bless!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Hinds Feet Study Questions

Sorry these are late. Our house and property flooded and the past few days have been a literal mess. Found out stress makes me feel worse, too! Surprise!

Well, here they are:

Chapter 18

  1. What significance do you attach to this chapter opening with "On the third day"?
  2. How does the title of the book now come into play?
  3. Reflect on "the night of weeping being over and joy comes to you in the morning?"
  4. What do you think of M.A.'s new name?
  5. What significance do you see in the common memorial stones now being precious gems? How might that give us hope?
  6. What did you think of Sorrow and Suffering's transformation? Why did they need M.A.'s (Grace and Glory's) help?
Chapter 19

  1. The Shepherd teaches Grace and Glory, Joy and Peace what they could learn - as much as they can understand at that time. What do you make of that?
  2. What do you thing the "higher" High Places represent?
  3. Have you ever come to realize there is so much more to our lives than what we can immediately see? How does that truth encourage you?
  4. How do you work on personal truth and development?
  5. What is "the wrong side of the grave"?
  6. What is the symbolism behind the Shepherd slowly encouraging longer and longer leaps for G & G?
  7. The Shepherd explains how the Hinds' Feet were possible in her life. How can you apply this to your life?
  8. What have YOU learned from our journey?

Friday, June 5, 2009

Transcript from Monday June 1

This is the link for this past Monday nite. There is a portion of the transcript at the end where a question was asked about a question from the previous week. Most folks were gone by that time, but it seemed like a good question to include.

Hinds Feet Study May 25 Study Guide for Monday June 8

We will try to get through chapters 16 and 17 this week, 18 and 19 the next week, 20 and a wrap up time the week after that. Please pray for my health as we finish this series of studies. Here are the study guide questions for this week. It appears that there are a lot of questions, but they do flow together. I feel these two chapters belong together in a study so try to finish both chapters. Chapter 17 is not a long chapter. There will be more "summary" questions than specific questions this week - so as you answer, see how the answers flow together.

  1. How would you have responded to the "grave-like gorge" had you been M.A.? Have you ever felt you have encountered such a thing in your life?
  2. What is different about M.A.'s response to leaping down into the canyon? Why do you think Hurnard chose to use the word "leap"?
  3. What did you make of being told this was the last time M.A. would hold on to the hands of her companions S & S?
  4. How did they help her? Why do you think that would be true? Is that true for you?
  5. Have you had times in your life when you have felt that no Shepherd came to your side, when you have had no answers? How did you respond?
  6. The words of Bitterness come to M.A.'s mind. How does M.A. view them?
  7. What does the concept that M.A.'s enemies can never cast themselves down into the grave in which M.A. finds herself mean to you?
  8. Reflect on M.A.'s inability to tear out the natural human love and desire that grow in her heart.
  9. Why can S&S no longer help her?
  10. Would you be willing to be bound the the altar as M.A. requested?
  11. How does Scripture help M.A. at this point?
  12. Does M.A. seem to feel any pain?
  13. Reflect on the comment "the time had come."
  14. What did you think of the statement "nothing but ashes remained either of the love itself which had been so deeply planted in her heart or of the sorrow and suffering which had been her companions.
  15. Reflect on her statement "It is finished."
Chapter 17

  1. M.A. wakes in a cave - how is the world different for her now as she looks out?
  2. Though M.A. is completely alone, how does she feel?
  3. What irresistibly draws M.A.? What does she do?
  4. How does she seem to respond to having all her blemishes removed?
  5. How is her life different now?
  6. Is M.A. living in past memories, fears or dreams of the future, or in the present moment? What can we learn from this?

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Monday Nite Study

The consensus seems to be that folks would rather just skip this week and continue on next week. We'll just keep the same questions and continue where we left off.

Have a great weekend!


Friday, May 22, 2009

Corrected email addy

You know you have too many email addresses when you get them confused with each other! To let me know about Monday's study, email denipath4change at not the addy in the post below. sheesh.

Sorry guys,


HInds Feet Study May 25 Study Guide

Questions for chapter 15:

  1. M. A. and her companions are occupied with their own thoughts. How much do you dwell on the time you spend with the Lord and the things He says to you?
  2. What do you make of the provisions made for our journeyers? Who do think had been at the cabin so shortly before them? What does this mean to you?
  3. Why does M.A. immediately know who “The Voce” is? How does this indicate the change has taken place in M.A.?
  4. How does she respond?
  5. Why do you thing Fear, Bitterness, Resentment, Pride, and Self-Pity are running away?
  6. There is a new confidence in M.A. that is seen now. Where did it come from? How does it relate to question 5?
  7. Think about M.A.’s examination of the memorial stones and what she associates with them. How is this an encouragement for her? Does it give you ideas as to what to do for your own journey? Share if you care to.
  8. What do you think the flood represents?
  9. Why do you think M.A. becomes weaker as they continue their journey?
  10. Consider the Spring of Marah. What role did it play in the Old Testament? What role does it play now?
  11. What does coming to the place that had been appointed represent to you?
  12. What are you learning as you journey along with M.A.?

It just now dawned on me that Monday is Memorial Day. I need a show of hands here. Would you rather we do another day? Perhaps Tuesday? Skip a week? Go ahead as planned? I am leaning towards doing another day or just skipping this week. I'll post after I get some feedback. Either post here or email me at denipathforchange at Thanks!

Be Blessed!


Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Transcript from Monday May 17

Here is the link to last night's chat - Monday, May 18. Thanks to all who participated! It was really a great evening of sharing. I appreciate all of the input you all bring with you each Monday. I'll see if I can post this coming weeks questions sooner - please continue praying that I get over this latest flare. Hugs to you all.

Transcript from Monday May 11

Here is the link to LAST WEEKS transcript. I guess I forgot to post it. Oooops. :)

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Chapter Fourteen Questions for 5/18 Study

  1. What meaning did you find in the overhead aerial chairs? Take into consideration, their apparent frailness, M.A.’s seating arrangement, and her thoughts of being able to cast herself out of it.
  2. Have you ever felt you have been on the “Borderline” of the High Places?
  3. Consider M.A.’s first response to the waterfall. How did the Shepherd’s suggestion change the way she view it?
  4. Does self-giving equate with joy for you? Consider your answer and be prepared to discuss.
  5. What does the Shepherd do while He is with them this time that He had not done before?
  6. Consider Hurnard’s use of the “mist” at this point in the story. What does the Shepherd say about reality and illusion?
  7. What instructions does He give? How do we apply them to our own lives right now?
  8. How does the transfiguration change the way M.A. views the Shepherd?
  9. Why does He touch M.A.’s lips with a burning coal? Find Scripture to back this up.
  10. How do you think M.A. would have responded had she heard the Shepherd’s response to Sorrow and Suffering?
  11. What is giving M.A. her strong focus that she does not hear those words? What does that tell us about our own focus?
(Sorry these have been so long in being posted. Please pray my health will perk up by Monday night!)

Thursday, May 14, 2009

mushie's sunday chat

Sunday the 17 of May we will be continuing with 1 Corinthians 13:4-7. I am hoping to cover self-seeking and anger, but will only go as fast as the Lord leads the chat.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Monday Nite Study

I feel I am letting you all down this week, but I am still ill. If I were to put questions together for you it would be a half-hearted attempt and this book deserves better that that.

I had the thought that perhaps we could make a brief pause in our studies and reflect upon the journey so far. I am tossing this back in to YOUR laps for Monday night. Some sample ideas are: to discuss how the book has impacted you so far. Reflect on the things you more aware of now than before we started. Have questions arisen for you that we have not answered? Has any of the content of the story so far surprised you? Just about anything goes here as long as it pertains to M.A.'s journey in some way.

I do not expect you to answer these specific questions. Spend some time before God and ask Him to show you the things He wants you to be learning and sharing with us.

Just be prepared to have a time of sharing this week. God willing we can get back to the questions next week as I begin to feel better. Please pray I will be up to guiding this discussion on Monday night!

Love you all,


Friday, May 8, 2009

Monday Nite Transcript link

Better late than never?? I've been sick this week and haven't gotten questions up or the link posted. I hope to have the questions up today. Here is the link to the transcript.

Be Blessed!


Thursday, May 7, 2009

Answer to one prayer request but keep praying for Ela plz

Jen IM'D me that the baby is just fine but extremely active, she/he was doing 360's and had hiccups during the ultrasound.
Please continue to pray for Ela, Jen's MIL even though she didn't go to the hospital but should have, she is still suffering abdominal pain and nausea every time she eats and can't afford to lose anymore weight. From what I gathered she hasn't been eating well ever since her surgery and that is not healthy. She is fighting having to go to hospital so am praying for a miraculous healing so she doesn't. Thank you for all your prayers.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Craftingrama asks prayer request for loved ones

I would appreciate prayer for 2 special women in my life. The first is my oldest daughter Jennifer. As some of you know she is expecting my next grandchild in October. Yesterday they couldn't hear the heartbeat, so are sending her in for an emergency ultrasound. Its our prayer that the baby was just too active to be able to hear it and that the baby is just fine and there will be NO COMPLICATIONS with this pregnancy (last time Jen became diabetic during her pregnancy as well as having to have a C-section to name a couple).
The second is for Jennifer's Mother In Law Ela(Elizabeth). She has recently undergone bowel surgery and is now having stomach problems. She is being hospitalized for a few days(it sounds serious and I don't have all of the info yet as its a sudden situation).She has become a wonderful friend of mine and a joy to my daughter an grandson. I pray that God heals her to spend many happy healthy years with our family. Ela has asked for prayer and I am asking all of you to join with me that she is miraculously healed and back home right quick to play wordscapper with me on facebook and plan wonderful gifts to make
for our grandchildren.
Thank you in advance for all your prayers.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Poem referenced in Book Study: "At The Feet Of The Dragon"


Waking from a nightmare,
Looking about the room,
I've such a sense of hopelessness,
Of fear and dread and doom.

The terrors still inside me,
As I reach to find the light.
I hear a sound, a quiet sound,
My eyes search out the night.

And slowly there before me,
A phantom figure grows.
I strain to see the shape it takes,
but my fearful heart, it knows.

It is my nightmare, once again,
A fearsome entity.
A dragon-monster, dark and grim
That no one else can see.

He chortles low, with rasping voice,
"You thought youd get away?
The time has come to face me child.
There is no other way."

"Time and again, we've met in dreams.
Time and again you've fled.
And since you will not bide with me,
I've come to you instead."

"This cant be real!" I fling at him.
You're just part of a dream!
His hiss is soft, his eyes grow dark.
"Things aren't the way they seem."

I glance around. I want to run.
I need to get away.
Yet something stirs inside of me,
Compelling me to stay.

I shout at him, "Who are you?"
I flail at him in vain.
"What is your name? Why are you here?
I beg you to explain!"

" Explain myself?" he scoffs at me.
"Explain my self to you?"
He hovers close. His dark eyes glare.
"That's not for me to do."

"And yet, I'll tell you who I am.
It matters not, you see . . ."
I feel the darkness all around
As he draws close to me.

"I've many names." The words spit out.
"You know me well it's true.
I'm all the things you run from child.
I'll number them for you.

"I'm fear of death, and dying too.
I'm pain from in the past.
I'm changes you cant bear to see.
I'm heartbreak that will last.

"I'm craven fear. I'm emptiness.
The void from which you hide.
Each terror you cant bear to face.
I'm all your fears, inside!

"And as you look inside yourself,
You'll find me there its true.
For every time you start to fear,
You'll sense me there. In you.

"The dark, the bleak, the unknown fear,
Will well up from inside.
But you can face me if you choose.
And then you can decide.

"To call my name and walk with me,
Or slay me as you will.
You'll conquer me as best you can.
But I'll be with you still.

"You've run in fear so many times,
But now that's at an end.
You need to hear the words I speak.
You need to call me friend."

"Make friends with you?" I want to shout.
"Make friends with all that pain?
I've put all that behind me now.
Theres nothing more to gain!"

But deep inside, I hear the words,
and know that they are true.
I bow my head, and murmur low,
"I've much to learn from you."

And as I sit and ponder on
the words he speaks, so wise,
I notice how my terror ebbs.
My fear's a smaller size.

And I can face the darkness now.
No longer run away.
I find I want to walk with him.
I find I want to stay.

Embracing fear, while frightened still,
Is finally what I've done.
And with this hope in front of me,
I'll walk from him. Not run.

I turn to face my dragon.
"I've learned a lot from you.
But this is not the end for us.
This much I know is true."

"One day soon, I'll know its you,
When fears begin inside.
I'll know you're not a foe to me.
There is no need to hide."

"And for your words and strength I'll reach.
I'll sit down at your feet.
I'll look into the depths of you
And say, 'Friend Dragon,

Copyright 1993 - Diane Hansen

Prayer for LynneP

I've had a few short emails from Lynne. From what I am able to understand from them she had a heart attack yesterday and is in the hospital. They need to do several procedures to assess heart damage, but are unable to as she also has a staph infection, I think from a medication that lowered her immune system. Please be in prayer for Lynne. In all of this, she wanted me to know why she would not be at the book study. I am awestruck by how confident she is, that in the midst of this, God is in control. Pray for wisdom for the doctors, and healing for her body. She IS in God's hands, and for that we can be grateful.


Sunday, May 3, 2009

Sunday Hinds' Feet Study

So far we don't have enough folks to start the Sunday study of Hinds' Feet. I have decided to wait one more week to see if we have others who would like to attend. If we have three or more additional folks who'd like to attend that would be great! If we hear from folks this week, we will start next Sunday at 3:30, although several folks have said that is not a good time for them. Let me know if starting at 7:00 pm in the evening would be better as perhaps a switch is time is all that is needed for this to work.

I am sorry this is so last minute, but I've been waiting to see if we might get a few more folks before delay/canceling the study. I'll keep you posted.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Questions for "Hinds' Feet" Study 4/27 Chapter 13

Chapter 13

In The Valley of Loss

1. What was your response to M.A. having to descend into the valley once more? Has there been a time in your life when you have felt similarly. Share if you feel comfortable.

2. Have you, like M.A., ever considered turning back from following Him? What was that like for you?

3. How does the Shepherd reassure her?

4. Respond to: "Will you bear this too, M.A.? Will you suffer yourself to lose or to be deprived of all that you have gained on this journey to the High Places? Will you go down this path of forgiveness into the Valley of Loss, just because it is the way that I have chosen for you" Will you still trust and still love Me?"

5. Why do you think the Shepherd calls this the "Path of Forgiveness"? Who is being forgiven? Are there those you need to forgive?

6. Once again, M.A. turns away from the way to the High Places, yet this time it is an easier journey. Why?

7. What surprised M.A. about the valley? Have there been pleasant surprises in the valley's of your own journey?

8. How are Sorrow and Suffering changing?

9. What is your take on the Shepherd saying, "Love is beautiful, but it is also terrible?" Does that fit with the look of compassion and determination on His face? How does M.A. respond?

10. Do you think you will be able to come to a place where you are "ready" to change your name? What do you think it will take if that has not happened for you?

Bonus question for over-achievers. *smile* See if you can find the lyrics to the song "You Never Let Go" by Matt Redmond. How do they apply to this chapter?

Questions for "Hinds' Feet" Study 4/27 Chapter 12

Chapter 12 - In the Mist

1. Compare M.A.'s journey in the mist, to your own journey with chronic illness. Do you respond "better" to the crisis moments? How do you handle the day-to-dayness of chronic illness?

2. Why do you think Hannah Hurnard chose to use the terms "plodding", "trudging", and slipping" to describe this part of the journey?

3. Who most easily commands your attention: Resentment, Bitterness, Self-Pity, Pride, or Fear? Do you have a plan to cope with this enemy?

4. Sorrow and Suffering have a different take on the situation around them. Why do you think this is so? How did they react to the "voices"?

5. What happen when M.A. starts to sing, even though she doesn't really feel like singing?

6. How does M.A. respond when she realizes the Shepherd had been following behind her? How does He reassure her?

7. How do you think the Shepherd views you differently than you view yourself? How easy is it to reconcile those viewpoints? Who do you tend to believe?

8. How does M.A. now feel about Sorrow and Suffering?

9. How would you respond to the question the Shepherd poses to M.A.? Do you love Him enough to trust Him completely? If not - what is in the way of that happening?

10. Have you ever felt the Shepherd was trying to deceive you? Would you let Him if it were possible?

Study Starting Sunday May 3rd

Hey all! The Sunday "Hinds' Feet On High Places" study will start on May 3rd 3:30 Central. Make sure you check your time zone! Plan on spending between an hour and an hour and a half at the study. You do not have to have read the book by the start of the study. We will take it a chapter or two a week with posted study guide questions. If you are planning on attending, please leave a comment here, or contact me @ deniPath4Change @ yahoo dot com. Thanks and see you then!

Young Adults, Chronic Illness, and Employment

There's a discussion about young adults, chronic illness, and employment on the blog, A Chronic Dose. Laurie Edwards, the author of the blog, has chronic illness and is the author of A Life Disrupted. She is both looking for feedback from those who experience or have experienced chronic illness as a young adult and has some ideas and experiences to share.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Transcript from last Monday's chat

I've just posted the transcript from last Monday's chat. Taxes this week had me swamped!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Hinds Feet Study April 20

Sorry to take so long to get this up, but I'm still not doing too well. There will probably be a sub for me for this Monday too. No new questions this week. (Don't get used to it! :) ) The personal question to Christ as if you were M.A. at that point in her journey will be discussed as will the questions from the last chapter, as time ran out due to your great discussions!

Be Blessed,


Thursday, April 9, 2009

Chat room working again

Folks seem to be able to get in the room again. It looks like it's coming up for different people at different times. If you can get to, you should be able to get the room to load. If you can't get in, I'm still in the temporary backup room, so come in there.

Nice to see the mountains again! lol

Chat room is down temporarily

All of Parachat's servers are presently down because of damage to an optical fiber in the San Fransisco area. Since our room is hosted on their server, this means our room is down. I have created a temporary room on chatzy for us to use until the normal chat room is working again. To get to our temporary room, go to (you probably want to open it in a new window), type your user name ("name or alias") and click on "enter room". No registration is required.

You can see what's happening in the chat room from there; to talk, click "join chat" at the bottom right.

If you need to change the font size, you'll need to tell your browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, etc) to use a larger font size. Click "visitor list" on the left to see who is in the room. I'm there now and plan to stay in the room. I think I have it set up so I'll know when people come in but please be patient if I don't see you right away.

Hopefully, the problems Parachat are having will be solved soon (perhaps 9 pm eastern), and we will be back to our normal room soon.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Hinds Feet on High Places Study Questions for April 13 2009 Chapter 11

Please read all 3 Chapters: 9, 10, and 11

Remember the questions are study guides. Don't be overwhelmed by the 3 chapters - they are an easy read and flow together. One of the questions is a bit different. At the end of Chapter 10, M.A. has been through an amazingly difficult ordeal. If you were M.A., what questions might you have for the Shepherd as He approaches you on the mossy bank?

In the Forests of Danger and Tribulation

1. What do you fear most when you realize that the Shepherd means to lead you through danger and tribulation?

2. Read Psalm 23 and Psalm 91.

3. What does the Shepherd say about trying to picture the situations ahead of us? Do you find this to be true in your own life?

4. What cuased M.A. to limp more painfully? Why do you think that is so?

5. What does God tell us to do with our own bitter, resentful, self-pitying, and prideful thoughts?

6. When and why does M.A. experience peace?

7. Have you ever asked to learn Sorrow’s song?

Hinds Feet on High Places Study Questions for April 13, 2009 Chapter 10

Ascent of the Precipice Injury

1. What does M.A. learn about anticipation?

2. What does the bridge that M.A., Sorrow and Suffering find suggest to you?

3. What do you think of the resting place they find? Why is it there? Has the Shepherd provided a “resting place” for you?

4. What is the meaning of the little flower “Bearing the Cost”?

5. What is M.A.’s fall symbolic of?

6. What does she remember?

7. If you were M.A., what questions might you have for the Shepherd as He appears on the mossy bank?

Hinds’ Feet on High Places Study Questions for Chapter 9 Monday April 13th

Great Precipice Injury

1 What does M.A. see when she gets to the foot of the mountain before her? How does she respond/ Have there been times in your own journey when you have felt the same way? What did you do?

2. What does Suffering point out to her? Why do you think it was Suffering who pointed this out rather than Sorrow?

3. What impossible situations has the Shepherd put before you?

4. Who does M.A. encounter? Why do you think he appears in the story at this point? What challenge is being placed before M.A.?

5. Why does M.A. not want to call for the Shepherd? Have you ever been so afraid of what is happening that you feel the Shepherd will only make it worse?

6. How does M.A. respond to the Shepherd when He quickly answers her call?

7. Why do they end up laughing?

8. What meaning does the rainbow have in this story? Why were Sorrow and Suffering at each end of the rainbow?

9. Why do you think the Shepherd choice Mount Precipice for M.A.?

10. What are your thoughts on the cordial the Shepherd gives M.A.?

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Link to transcript from Monday night 3/30/09

Here is the link for this past Monday nite's transcript. Sorry I did not get the questions and the link posted sooner!

Be blessed,


Hinds Feet on High Places Study Questions for April 6, 2009 Chapters 7 and 8

This week we will be going through Chapters 7 and 8.

Chapter 7 On The Shores of Lonliness

1. What was the deep inner change that had taken place in M.A.?

2. What new and impossible thing was happening in M.A.? Has this happened to you? Does it seem possible that it can happen to you?

3. How does M.A. view the cove?

4. Why do you think the relatives descend upon her now? What is different about this “attack” from them? How is M.A. different?

5. What voices do you listen to? How do you defend yourself from them?

6. What does the Shepherd say is the reason that M.A. was overtaken by her relatives?

7. What did M.A. learn about herself?

Chapter 8
On The Old Sea Wall

1. How did M.A. respond when she saw that once again, her path turned away from her goal?

2. How did Bitterness gain a foothold?

3. What does the Shepherd ask of M.A.?

4. What do you make of the different settings of the journey? The desert? The sea wall? The woods? Can you see parallels in your own life?

5. What is happening in M.A.’s heart? Yet, how does she respond?

6. What does she ultimately find in her own heart?

7. The Shepherd says “Now shalt thou see what I will do.” When was that spoken in scripture and under what circumstances? Do you see a parallel here?

Monday, March 30, 2009

A good report from RRDave

We got email from Dave today:

Hi Liz, Deni, Everyone,

I want to report a good thing for a change. Yeah! My stomach is working again. Please pray as it does so, that I also lose weight. I miss everyone. I go to the chat room during the day mostly, nights are the worst for me. Someday I might surprise everyone. :) Also please pray for pressure in my spine, hip and legs, the pain in them has increased so walking for me becomes difficult or standing up. I am not sure what this means. God is though, please pray He reveals this to the doctors and others. Does this mean more medical tests? Another answer to prayer to report is that I know where the pain from my back comes from. I have a problem with the T5 in my spine it is intro, whatever this means. I also have spinal cord nerve damage, degenerative disc, and sciatic problems. All this helps explain why I spend so much time offline. :( One doctor said I had broken bones in my kneecap. :( Arthritis in my hip and bursitis also. Right hip might need a total hip replacement as well. Wow so much for good news, sorry. :(

If you want to email me please feel free to email. I would love to hear from a friend right now. Not sure if i will email you or voice email you with a microphone, depends on your computer lol.

Your friend and brother in Christ Always,

PS. I am able to do more things offline, on small scales anyway. TG for ps2 someday a WII, Lord willing, and karaoke as well as music of course. :-) And most importantly Jesus for keeping me going.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

mushie's chat

We meet on Sunday at 3pm eastern and noon pacific.

Today we covered 1 Corinthians verse 4 "love is patient, love is kind". Next week we will continue with verse 4.

We had a very good discussion of what we think it means "love is patient"and "love is kind". We will continue with the discussion of how we interpret what the scriptures say bout love. As the weeks pass we will look at what we interpret as what Gods love is.

I look forward to seeing you. It is never to late to join in the chat.


Mushie's chat tomorrow!

Mushie's chat tomorrow (Sunday) is going to be about 1 Corinthians 13:3-11. The chat is at 3 pm eastern, 2 pm central, 1 pm mountain, and noon pacific. Please join us!

The second Hinds Feet chat will not start for a couple more weeks, after all. Please let Deni or I know if you're interested in coming.

Friday, March 27, 2009

J34 is ok but keep praying!

Jessie (J34) asked me to let you all know she is ok. The flooding is bad but she's not out of her apartment yet. Looks like that might happen soon. She appreciates the prayers for safety. We need to pray for that whole situation- the flooding is the worst they've ever had it seems. I got a email from our church - our pastor knows a pastor there - and things are difficult at best.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Questions for March 30 Hinds Feet Study on Chapter Six

1. Please read Psalm 51:17 and be ready to apply it to this Chapter “Detour Through The Desert.”

2. How did M.A. initially respond when she saw the path ahead of her? How do you respond when life takes a sudden and unexpected detour?

3. What was her next reaction?

4. What does the Shepherd ask M.A.?

5. Why do you think M.A. build an alter? Have you ever had to build such an altar?

6. What is the Scriptural significance of the memorial stone?

7. Why do you think all of the Shepherd’s servants go down into Egypt?

8. What lesson did they learn? What is the “secret”?

9. How do you interpret the vision M.A. had?

10. What can we learn from the granary? (Please read 1Thes. 5:18 and be prepared to comment.)

11. Do you identify with the furnace. Why do you think it was on the highest floor?

12. What was your reaction to “Acceptance-with-Joy”?

13. What do you think M.A. has learned so far? (Be able to summarize in two or three sentences!)

[Made minor corrections 3/28/09 -Liz]

Transcript for Last Nights Study 3/23

What a great study last night! Thanks all! Here is the link for the transcript if you missed the study time or would like to review what all was talked about! I'll be posting the questions for next week. As it is a longer chapter, we will just cover chapter six. Looking forward to it!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Flooding predicted near Jess next week

Jessie (j34) lives near Fargo, ND and they are predicting flooding worse than what they had back in '97. They're predicting the water will 40 feet which is 22' above flood stage, so it could cause a lot of damage. Jess's apartment is on the 3rd floor, so she should be safe there. But she had friends who live on the flood plain and are in danger. The community is sandbagging like crazy.

Pray for Jess, her friends, their community, and that the dike holds. Thanks!

Christian Glitter by

[Updated Sunday night to correct the expected water level and add a couple details.]

Friday, March 20, 2009

New admin!

We now have a new admin to help out in our chat room, Mushroom. I am grateful for the help she's been in the room and am glad she can help in this way, too.

Congrats, mushie!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Hinds Feet Transcript Chapters 2 and 3

I forgot to post the link to last nights chat transcript! Here it is

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Questions for Chapter Five 3/23 Hinds Feet Study

We will attempt to get through chapters four and five this coming week!

Encounter with Pride

1. How do Sorrow and Suffering help Much Afraid? What does she learn?

2. Who does she meet on the journey?

3. Why do you think the Fearing was chosen?

4. Why was M.A. vulnerable to this Fearing?

5. What doubts does he plant in her mind?

6. What stops M.A. from turning back? What can we learn from this?

7. How do we know that M.A. is growing even at the beginning of her journey?

8. What chastisement does the Shepherd have for her?

9. What is the first important lesson M.A. learns.

10. What were the consequences of her actions?

Questions for Chapter Four 3/23 HInds Feet Study

Start for the High Places

1. What did M.A. learn about love from the wild flowers beneath her feet?

2. What lesson does the Shepherd say M.A. needs to learn while she is still in the valley?

3. M.A. is taking a journey to the high places. Where does the Shepherd say the real start of the journey is? Why?

4. Did M.A. realize what He was talking about?

5. What different nature “languages” did M.A. become aware of as the journey started? Are we in tune to the nature languages around us? What lessons can we learn?

6. Why does the Shepherd not take M.A. to the high places himself?

7. What happens when M.A. looks back to the valley. Does this ever happen to us when we look back in our lives?

8. Who are M.A.’s guides and what does she think of them?

9. Does God give you “unrecognizable guides” on your journey to the High Places?

10. Who does M.A. remind you of when she says to the Shepherd, “To whom else would I go?”

11. How does M.A. find comfort in the fact that others have gone before her in her journey? Do you derive the same comfort?

12. Why do you think the development of hinds feet is a “secret process”?

Closing your day with the Shepherd

It is not quite dusk yet, but you know that in a few moments, it will be. Flowers are starting to close, colors are growing dim. You look to the sky at the setting sun. A wave of peacefulness sweeps over you. Another day is done. It is time to go to the Shepherd once again. The hurry is not as great this evening. You enjoy watching the world around you as the shadows deepen. You walk through the fields, once again following the bubbling little brook until you see the dim form of the log bench by the pond. The Shepherd has yet to arrive. You smile as you sit and watch and listen. The frogs are chirruping in the pond – the ducks and geese are making their way to their nests. Almost lost in thought, you hear the gentle bleats of the sheep as the come forward for their final drink before they too settle down in the pasture for the night.

Your eyes strain to see Him. Suddenly, He is there beside You, looking at you with a bit of curiosity, yet a gleam of satisfaction in His eye. “Good evening, little one. Tell me, how was your day?” You bubble forth with the days adventures, much like the brook as it bubbled it’s way to the serenity of the pond. You explain your day. The ups of it – the downs of it. The successes – the failures. He beckons for you to sit next to him on the bench. Gladly you do so. Just to be near Him. You sit comfortably together, listening to the evening sounds.

“Thank you for meeting me here, Shepherd, night after night.”

“Oh, you are so welcome, child. It is a joy to sit and hear about your day. I delight in your successes, I encourage you in your failures that tomorrow, when it comes, may give you other opportunities to share.”

You look into his eyes, not wanting to go, but knowing you must get your rest if you are to meet Him again in the morning.

“Shepherd?” you ask.


“Will you be awake all night with the sheep?”

“Yes child, I will be awake all night watching over them, protecting them from harm.”


He does not wait for your question this time, but smiles lovingly at you.

“Yes child, I will be watching over you tonight, as well. Watching and protecting you. You may rest easy in that.”

Sighing, you walk slowly away, turning back now and then to reassure yourself that He is still there. His figure fades into the darkness, yet a warm glow has settled inside of you.

“He is my shepherd. I will not want.”

You walk slowly home and slip quietly into bed. You close your eyes and remember your Shepherd’s face – His voice. You drift off to sleep, knowing you are loved beyond measure.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Mornings with the Shepherd

The sun is just beginning to rise in the eastern sky. The early morning air is damp, dew settled comfortably on the blades of grass and spring flowers. You quietly slip into your clothes as not to waken anyone else in the house. You find your shoes and quickly lace them up. You know where you are going and who is waiting for you. You smile inwardly in anticipation of the greeting waiting for you. You begin to hasten as you see His shadowy figure ahead of you. You hear the sounds of the brook leading to the small pond. There He is! He is always there, waiting for you. His face breaks into a smile as He sees you approaching! You begin to run as you get closer, yet you slow down to a walk those last few steps. The sight of Him standing, staff in hand, is always so majestic. You come to him slowly, smiling. “Good morning, little one,” he says softly. You raise your eyes to him and gaze upon him. “Good morning, Shepherd.” You reply. You both begin to walk over to the log bench next to the pool. The sun inches it’s way from the horizon. The duskiness of dawn begins to fade. The sheep begin to stir and walk slowly towards the pool for their morning drink.

“What have you for me today, my Lord?” you ask. “I am here to do Thy will.”

He gazes at you compassionately, “I am glad you asked.”

“You know I need your guidance, Shepherd. Without You, I know not what to do. Or if I try, I do not succeed. I only meet frustration. You know I need You, Lord.”

“Yes, I know you need me. I am pleased that You are beginning to remember this, and come to me each morning.” He smiles.

You listen as He begins to tell you about your day and helps you order it according to His will.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

New Chat time and Hind's Feet study addition

Hey all! We are going to be adding a scheduled chat session in the "den" at 12:00 noon Pacific Time (1:00 Mountain, 2:00 Central, 3:oo Eastern) on Sundays. Mushroom will be hosting the chat and QuietSoul51 will be co-hosting. The chat will start on Sunday March 22! We are really excited about having a scheduled chat time again and really appreciate Mushroom's decision to host!

Also, we will be adding a second "Hind's Feet" Study on that same Sunday. It will start immediately after the hosted chat. (1:00 pm Pacific, 2:00 Central, 3:00 Eastern). The study will be held in the (ta-dahhhhh) study room so those who prefer to stay and chat informally in the den will have an opportunity to do so.

Everyone is welcome to attend both the chat time and/or the book study. Hopefully this addition will accommodate those whose time zone differences make the Monday night study difficult.

If you are going to attend the Sunday book study, please let an admin know so we know how many to expect! The first Sunday will be more of an informal introduction to the book, it's settings, and main characters. Hope to see you at one of the studies and/or the new chat time!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Link to devotional for Hinds' Feet on High Places

Google books also has a copy of a devotional for Hinds Feet on High Places which may work if the last one I posted does not. You might also try this.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Looking for Hinds' Feet on High Places?

Google books has a copy of Hinds' Feet on High Places. You can start reading it there but it's copyrighted, so you can't read the whole thing there.

I was able to buy a copy for $7 US at a local Family Christian Store. You may well be able to get a copy from a used book store as well. This book has been in print for a long time. If you want to buy it online, try which has some used copies available as well as new.

Hinds Feet on High Places Chapter 3 study guide

Flight in the Night

  1. What awakened Much Afraid and why? How did she feel?
  2. Have you ever had pangs of disobedience? What did you do about them?
  3. There are several “songs” and “Canticles” quoted in the book? Where do you think these come from?
  4. Where does Much Afraid go – and when? Was it hard for her to do? Why was she able to do it?
  5. Where does she go next?
  6. Do you think this shows Much Afraid’s trust in the Shepherd and why?
  7. What does Much Afraid say to the Shepherd? Does she give an excuse for not following him when he passed her cottage? Did she assume she knew the Shepherd’s timing for leaving for the High Places?
  8. Do you ever let failure to do what you think God is asking you to do stop you from further action out of fear of condemnation?
  9. How did the Shepherd respond to Much Afraid?
(Edited the post so the questions are in it. - Liz)

Hinds Feet on High Places Chapter 2 study questions

Questions for 3/16/09.

Fearing Invasion

  1. What does your morning song sound like?
  2. Did Much Afraid really believe the Shepherd was able to change her?
  3. What allowed the Fearings to be able to invade Much Afraids home?
  4. Why do you think Much Afraid was not able to call out to the Shepherd when He walked by?
  5. Are their opportunities we miss because we don’t seize them, out of fear?
  6. Have you ever experienced subtle lies from the enemy overwhelming you until you found yourself locked in a prison cell or cottage?
  7. What “provisions” are you feeding the enemy?
  8. Who came to Much Afraid’s rescue? Why do you think she was able to cry for help this time? What brings you help or comfort when you use it?
  9. How important are names in this book? What do you think of Mrs. Valiant. Can you surmise anything about her relationship with the Shepherd? Why do you think she lives in the Valley of Humiliation?
  10. Why did Mrs. Valiant not scold Much Afraid for allowing her fearing relatives to come in and take control?

Hinds Feet on High Places Study 3/9 Summary

Our study on "Hind's Feet On High Places" last night was enjoyable and a growth experience for all those involved. We discussed Chapter One and talked about our own fears that stop us from growing closer to God. Childhood events, unhealthy relationships, prayers that seem unanswered are all things that seem to keep us from God. We learned we need to trust in God even when we "mess up" and realize that God looks upon us with compassion. We learned that each of us must journey to the High Places and that God has many promises for us. We also learned it's not an easy trip - right from the start, our we must learn to face our fears. If you are interested in the transcript - it is posted here. If you'd still like to join the study, we will be looking at Chapter's 2 and 3 next week. The study guide questions will be posted shortly! Please feel free to join us in our journey! Reading past transcripts can allow you to "catch up" to where we are! Be Blessed - deni

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Prayer Request for QuietSoul's Niece

Please be in prayer for my niece, Jessica. She is extremely anorexic. She has been in inpatient treatment and was sent home a few weeks ago because of no insurance. She is down to 90 pounds and became ill at school. She was taken to the ER - her heart rate keeps dropping below 40. Her skin has a grey-ish ashen hue and she has developed a foul odor to her body. Please pray they can stabilize her enough to get her from Lafayette to Indianapolis where her specialist is. She is 16 and has been searching for God, but she is not a Christian.

Study Guide Questions for 3/9 - Hinds Feet on High Places

Chapter One:

1. What are the first words the Chief Shepherd says to Much Afraid? How well does the Chief Shepherd know Much Afraid? Do you think He knows what a challenge those words are to her?

2. When Much Afraid says "I cannot resist them", what is she telling us about her belief system?

3. Why does Much Afraid have to ask to go to the High Places? Why didn't the Chief Shepherd suggest it himself? Can you find a supportive scripture?

4. Why do you think Much Afraid will receive a new name?

5. What do you think the seed of love represents?

6. What do you think about the author's choice of the size and shape of the seed of love?

7. Who does Much Afraid meet on the way home? What is her response? Why do you think she forgot the Shepherd's words so quickly? Can you apply this in your own life?

8. Why was she afraid to look at the Shepherd? What would she have seen had she looked? What does this mean for us?

9. Can you relate to Much Afraid? In what ways?

10. What is your "Craven Fear"?

Happy reading and see you next Monday!

Hinds Feet on High Places Study 3/2 Summary

We had a great time Monday night as we started our journey in the "Hind's Feet on High Places" study. As some folks were still getting their books, our first study looked at how the book may have gotten it's title, the main settings of the book (the Valley of Humiliation and the High Places). We talked some about the main characters names - Much Afraid- and the Chief Shepherd and the family of Fearings. Already folks are seeing similarities in their own lives and the journey portrayed in the book! We had a great time seeing some old friends and making some new ones, too! Here is a link to the transcript.

I will be posting some study guide questions for next Monday night. Don't worry if you missed the first session, or even miss some along the way. The transcripts will be available. If you need a book, please let one of the admins know and we will get one to you if you can't afford one. Amazon has great deals on used paperback editions. Come join us!

Oh, we are considering starting a Sunday afternoon study for those who can't do the late evening one. If you are interested, please let me know by leaving a comment below!

Be blessed!

deni aka QuietSoul51

Sunday, March 1, 2009

New chat rooms!

We have new rooms now.

  • porch - when you click the blue button, you'll land here.
  • den - casual chatting.
  • study - Deni's book study, future Bible studies, etc, will be here.
  • attic - private chats; if not empty, pm someone in the room and ask if you can join them (see below).
  • basement - for silly stuff.
  • chapel - for prayer.
When you arrive in the front porch, you'll see the list of rooms on the left. You can then double click a room name to go to that room.

If you want to know who is in which room, click on the Roam menu at the top and then "Room List". Click on a room name to see who is in that room. You can then click "Join" at the bottom to go to a room or you can click on a user name and "Chat" at the bottom to private message (pm) that user without going to the room.

If you need an admin, you can look for one of us (liz4cps, QuietSoul51, or craftingrama) thru the Roam menu and pm one of us. You can send the wolf sound to the pm, if we don't respond right away but do type a message in the pm as well. Note that you will not hear the wolf sound nor will you get a message that it was sent, but we will hear it and see the message. If you can't find us, try sending wolf to the porch or ask around as a lot of the regulars can reach us thru aim/msn/yahoo, etc.

If you have questions or suggestions, let us know.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Warning about MRIs and pain patches

Kevin Cho, MD, whose blog is listed in the bottom right here, has posted a warning about fires and burns in medical settings. One caution caught my eye as I think some here may want to take care. It turns out that any skin patch, like the ones used for pain meds and to stop smoking, can cause a burn on your skin while you're getting an MRI. To avoid this, simply remove patches before having an MRI. For more information, check his post and the Wall Street Journal article Dr Cho mentions in his post.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Book Study "Hind's Feet On High Places" Starts March 2nd!

Hi all!  I was wondering if we could get a show of hands as to how many folks will be participating and what time zone you are in?  We might need to adjust the schedule a bit to accommodate some folks.  Either that, or we can hold two studies at different times. Let us know 1. If you will be attending and 2. your time zone and 3. if there might be a second time that would work better for you!  

We'll start just by reading Chapter 1.  The first study will be an introduction as to what you can expect from the study.  In particular we will be examining how "Hind's Feet" can be viewed as a story about the life of a Christian.  Do you identify with Much Afraid?  What do you think of her coming from the family of Fearings?  Can you find "The Chief Shepherd" reference in scripture? Be prepared to share your reactions to the first Chapter and please, let one of the admins know if you need a book!  If you haven't gotten your book yet, please attend anyway as this will be an informal lesson.

deni  aka QuietSoul51 

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Book Study "Hind's Feet On High Places" Starts March 2nd!

We will be having our first book study based on Hannah Hurnard's allegory of Christian life "Hind's Feed on High Places." We plan for the study to start at 9 pm Eastern, 8 pm Central, 7 pm Mountain, 6 pm Pacific time. We will be creating a special room for the study so there won't be interruptions, and those that don't care to participate can still enjoy the main room. The study will last a minimum of 7 weeks and we will have transcripts available if you miss a session. Amazon carries the book. (It's not very expensive new and you can buy used ones as well.) If you want to participate, but can't afford the book, let one of the admins know and we'll see what we can do to help out. We'll be posting "lesson plans" for each session to guide you as you read. Expect the study to last about an hour! We look forward to seeing you there as we travel to the High Places! Blessings! deni aka QuietSoul51

Monday, February 16, 2009

AppleofHisEye's grandpa

Apple's grandpa died last night. He had fluid around his heart and then his lungs started filling with fluid over the weekend. He was taken to the hospital and put on oxygen. He felt better after a while and they took him off the oxygen, but he then got worse again yesterday. He was put back on oxygen, but late last night, he took a turn for the worse about 12:40 am and passed away at 12:50 am.

Please pray for her and her family.

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Monday, February 9, 2009

RRDave has infections and more diagnoses

Dave was in the chat room earlier asking for prayer. He was at the doctor's today and was diagnosed with sinusitis and bronchitis and is now on antibiotics. He also has costrochronditis, arthritis around his sternum and ribs; he's getting a pain med for this and will be seeing a pain specialist for shots to numb his chest and ribs. He also needs to see a dermatologist for some kind of rash he has on his face and forehead.

Dave has a lot of pain, normally; it sounds like it's gotten worse. He says he expects to be offline for a while. Please pray for him.

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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Update on Lynne P

Please be in prayer for Lynne as she has to make a decision about the biopsy on her lung.  Her choices are an open chest biopsy - where they would take the entire right lung as the upper part of the lung is mass filled - if it turns out to be cancerous.  Her option is to wait and have another CT scan in 4 weeks and see if the mass decreases.  She needs wisdom about making the right decision.  Thank you for your prayers.

Apple's sister

Please pray for AppleofHisEye's sister, Steph. She has the most aggressive form of MS and has become increasingly disabled in the last few months. She is unable to even walk now and her mom needed Apple to help her with Steph this morning.

Steph is going to the doctor next week to see if she can get a better kind of medicine on Tuesday.


The picture below is another that Apple made; the baby is a new litle cousin of hers.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Another update on Lynne

While Lynne got good results from her initial biopsy - the mass is still in her lung.  It appears that there is a very real possibility that it will need a biopsy.  It was so inflamed they were not able to get to it the last time.  Pray for wisdom for the doctors as they decide what to do and for peace for Lynne as she goes through this.  Thanks!  deni

Monday, January 26, 2009

Pray for military in Iraq

We got a prayer request from Anne, a visitor to our blog:

Please pray for the safety of my daughter and other soldiers as they travel home from Iraq. Also, that God will provide a safe place to live for her and my granddaughter that is currently staying with me. Also, God's will in her divorce proceedings.

Please remember Anne's daughter and family as her daughter re-adjusts to being home again. Also pray for other US soldiers and their new commander-in-chief.

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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Update on LynneP

Lynne had her procedure today.  No obvious tumors were found, but her lungs were incredibly inflamed.  They took numerous biopsies and she'll know in 4 - 5 days what the outcome is.  She might need to go back on IV antibiotics.  Please remember her in your prayers!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Update on LynneP1969

Please continue to pray for Lynne. She has a broncoscopy (hope I spelled that correctly) on Thursday to determine what is going on with her lungs. She still has a lot of inflammation in them. I am assuming they will biopsy the mass at the same time. Pray for her peace of mind, being able to trust in God during this time, and for healing if it's God's will. Thanks all,

deni aka QuietSoul51

Monday, January 19, 2009

AppleofHisEye's new pics

Apple has been creating some cool pictures by taking photos and combining them with graphics. The one below is in memory of her boyfriend, Ben. I think it's really good. Enjoy!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Another update on Lynne

The mass in Lynne's lung is 1.8 centimeters and has little finger-like things coming out of it. She will be seeing a pulmonologist for a possible biopsy. Please pray this is not a malignant thing. Pray for peace for her and for her husband. Also, her computer is acting up - so that adds to the frustrations of staying connected with people. Thank you for your continued prayers for her.

deni aka quietsoul51

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Prayer Request for LynneP1969

Hi all, Lynne is still having problems. There is a mass in her lungs that is not going away. They thought it was pneumonia, but her infection is clearing and the mass remains. Pray for wisdom for her doctors, healing, peace and comfort for Lynne. She has had a very tough road these past months, so please remember her.

deni aka quietsoul51

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Dr Rob on Narcotics

Dr Rob posted on his blog about narcotics -- how it's defined and how different doctors approach prescribing narcotics and other pain killers. He has some interesting insights.